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Overcome with disappointments both domestic and professional, I spent a good part of yesterday alternating between moping and sleeping.  I made it to yoga, but found it nearly impossible to get my yojo going.  My wellspring of balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility — in the emotional sense as well as the physical sense — was just about tapped out.

I flirted with the notion of skipping lunch, then dinner.  Perhaps I could just shrivel into a wisp of myself and blow away, and no longer face this never-changing state of suspension I have mired myself in this year.

But then I looked at my husband, who is such a good man, and decided that I owed him more than that.

So I began the climb out of my torporific state.  I bought a novel to provide some light diversion.  I tidied the house.  I made an executive decision about dinner and set out to buy the necessary ingredients.  Then I cooked them.

Then, while Bill cleaned up the kitchen, I started this blog.  I’ve been tossing the idea around in my head for months, musing over the Baltimore/B-more/Be More wordplay.  My original intention was to first flesh out a detailed Blog Plan, defining exactly what my blog would cover and how.  And I didn’t plan to open the blog until we were actually in Baltimore — or had a firm close date on a house at the very least.

But last night I thought the blog might serve as a useful railing to keep me from falling back into my self-styled ditch.  So I just started it, brand be damned.  And this morning I opened an associated Twitter account (follow me!:  BmoreSara).  While I have vague notions of providing book reviews, product reviews, and information about life and business in Baltimore, I don’t quite know how it will all take shape.  I guess we’ll just have to let it unfold over time.

P.S.  Yoga today was awesome!  Looks like I got my yojo back!

Here's to Bill

Here's to Bill!