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You probably haven’t heard this, but we’re having a heat wave here in the Nearly Every Region of the United States.  It was 103 degrees yesterday.  Today it just went up to 100.  We are being coddled like eggs.  With each successive day of extreme heat, I lower my personal bar for criminal acts I would commit in exchange for a cool, soothing rain storm.

Looking at prospective houses in the midst of a heat wave is arduous.  First, of course, there’s simply all the driving around in the heat.  Whenever we toured a house, the car would sit in the sun and bake.  It was impossible to cool it enough between houses.  Even worse, several houses had no air conditioning, or had air conditioning only on the first floor (saving energy by not cooling unoccupied space).  Every stair brought us closer and closer to boiling.  By the time I reached the third floor of each un-air-conditioned home, I found myself panting and whimpering a bit.  Which was very disconcerting for our real estate agent.

We looked at eight houses.  A few were really nice, for a price.  A few were priced very low, but needed a lot of work.  Bill was not terribly enthusiastic about the work.  I looked deep into my heart and determined that I am way more enthusiastic about the idea of doing a lot of work on a house than I am about actually doing it.

So for now we’re focusing on three houses we liked.  We will look at them again soon, compare and contrast more carefully, and consider what we are comfortable paying.  Of course, any of them could be sold before we’re ready to make an offer.  Or we could be outbid.  Or we could decide to go in a different direction.  But for now, at least, I’m pleased to have some forward progress.