I was already looking forward to tomorrow’s Education and the Inquiring Mindset conference. But now that I’ve met a bunch of the attendees and presenters at tonight’s pre-conference dinner, I’m REALLY looking forward to the conference. Such cool people! And they’re interested in a lot of the things I’m interested on: learning, strategic thinking, and helping organizations be more effective.

Here’s half the table. Someday I will be a competent photographer and manage to capture the whole table.


But wait! There’s more! Dinner was at the Chocolate Lover’s Club (http://www.chocolateloversprinceton.com/). Yes, such a fantastical place truly does exist! Following a lovely dinner, Joanne, our Doyenne of Chocolate, offered us a chocolate tasting and chocolate fondue, and delivered a very interesting mini-lecture on the wonder that is chocolate. Learning new things was never so yummy.

Here’s Joanne, holding the dark chocolate covered pretzels that may be destined for some special person I know. I suspect there is nothing about chocolate that Joanne does not know.


For those following on Twitter, I’ve set #ed&inquiry #edandinquiry as the hashtag for the conference. I didn’t research it first, so I hope no one is using that very hashtag to comment about some dude named Ed who is conducting an inquiry of some sort. If that turns out to be the case, please let me know, so I can send Ed some chocolate.