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So let me catch you up on our housing situation:

As I mentioned before, Bill and I spent a blazing Saturday looking at eight different houses in Baltimore.  We went back Monday afternoon to get a second look at three of those houses.  That evening we submitted a bid on one of those three, then celebrated at Johnny Rad’s, where we enjoyed a delicious Pesto Vitello pizza and a slightly salty (but still tasty) A-1 Meats pizza.  It all happened so fast!

Tuesday I drove up to Princeton to attend the Education and the Inquiring Mindset conference and to visit my Great Aunt Cathy.  Minutes before the pre-conference dinner, Bill texted me that our bid had been accepted.  We have a house under contract!  Again!

She's great!

Aunt Cathy

This past Monday, the house was inspected, and yesterday afternoon we met with the inspector to hear what he found.  It was all pretty good.  Just a few items that we are asking the sellers to address before closing.  Then we celebrated with a quick IPA (for me) and ESB (for Bill) at the Life of Reilly pub.

(As you may have suspected, we try to end every house-related trip to Baltimore by visiting a local watering hole.  It will be nice when we can stroll home from them instead of driving for an hour.)

Our settlement is scheduled for August 26.  So now I need to plan several critical pre-move tasks (painting, floor refinishing, selecting movers) and several critical pre-rental of the DC house tasks (similar the pre-move tasks, only more so).  It’s a lot, but I’m really pretty excited.  And it gives me a chance to do something I love:  make lists!  So many lists.  At some point, I will post a list of all the lists I have created related to this move.


On another note, I have two upcoming events I hope to blog about:

Tomorrow I will be attending the Inside Higher Ed’s 2011 Business Officers Survey Webinar.  Earlier this year, Inside Higher Ed surveyed college and university business officers about the financial state of American colleges and universities.  They’ve published their results in a report they’ve entitled Maintenance Over Management (teaser:  “The sky has not fallen — but pieces of it could soon be hitting a campus near you”).  I expect the webinar to provide an overview of the results, with some potentially interesting Q&A, depending on who else attends.  If you’re interested in attending the free webinar, here is the registration page.

August 17 I will be attending the Association for Strategic Planning National Capital Area chapter’s Summer Social at the Front Page in DuPont Circle.  I have been involved with ASP for a few years now, having served as treasurer and membership director for the local chapter, and also having served on the committee to design their strategic planning certification program.  I always meet very smart and interesting people from a variety of industries at ASP events.  If you’re interested in strategic planning, I recommend you join us at the Summer Social.  It’s free to both members and non-members.