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How did my sock turn into a whale?

Do you know how many knitting blogs there are?  Just shy of a bazillion.  Blogging and knitting go together like merino and silk.  Knitters love to keep track of their projects and their yarn.  And they love to see what other knitters are up to.  Blogging lends itself naturally to knitters’ journaling and socializing impulses.

While Bmore Sara is not a knit blog, I do knit.  So I reserve the right to include knitting-related content on occasion.

Pictured below is my latest project, the Curséd Sock.  This thing has been driving me around the bend for weeks!

Curséd Sock

Curséd Sock

First, I don’t particularly like the yarn.  Knitters generally take a lot of pleasure in the feel of the fiber they work with.  But this Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock is 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon.  It seems that pesky nylon has slicked up my yarn and overwhelmed its soft merino plush.  I’ll avoid it in future.

As a result of the nylon, the yarn is kind of slippery.  So my slippery metal needles have slipped out a couple times, requiring me to do some hasty repair work.  And while I was turning the heel the first time (note the foreshadowing), I lost my place and started knitting decreases in the middle of my increases.  Horrors!  At that point, I put everything back into my knitting bag and ignored it for several weeks.  That will show that treacherous, slick yarn!

Finally this weekend I pulled it all back out, ripped out the malformed heel, and knit it over (needles slipped out twice!).  Now I’m racing through the calf as fast as I can to get this thing over with.  Because you know what?  I still have to knit its mate!

I’ve considered several giving up on the Curséd Socks several times.  Knitting is supposed to be a pleasure, right?  So why do something if it’s giving you such fits?  But quitting the Curséd Socks would be letting them win.  And I’m just not going to give them that satisfaction.  We’re going all the way, the Curséd Socks and I.