When I started telling people that we were moving to Baltimore, I was surprised at all the truly wrong impressions people had about our motivations.  First and foremost was the assumption that we were anxious to get away from Washington.  Some people assumed we were fed up with high-profile, power-hungry Washington and its power elite, with their suits and their business lunches and their political connections.  Other people guessed we were leaving to get away from the crime, the street hustlers, and the other ills of the city.

Wrong and wrong.  Our decision to move to Baltimore was never about getting away from Washington.  I love our Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Our neighbors are terrific people, and we’ve made some great friends here.  I will always have nice things to say about Capitol Hill.

So why are we really moving to Baltimore?  Because we love it there.  It’s that simple.

Mini-brainstorm of things I love about Baltimore:  the weird people, the waterfront, the freighters, the diversity, the narrow streets, the corner bars, the way half the people you meet are involved in the arts, the rooftop decks, the street festivals.

Bill and I moved to the DC area in 1998.  But whenever we drove back to visit friends or attend events in Baltimore, we always found ourselves saying the same thing:  “Why don’t we live here anymore?”  We started hatching a real plan to move back on our third wedding anniversary.  It took us a lot longer than we anticipated, but it’s finally happening.  Tomorrow morning we settle on our new house.  Wish us luck!

Crazy Bright Sunlight

View from our 2nd floor deck of the Japanese maple in our back yard. In the middle of the pic, you can barely makeout the clawfoot tub in our back yard.