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Settlement was a success.  We now own a house in Baltimore.  We love it.



After settlement, we had a terrific Eastern European lunch at Ze Mean Bean, then embarked on a ridiculous pilgrimage to secure a ladder so we could paint our new living room.

And here is where I must mention that, while we were in search of a ladder, the rest of Baltimore was preparing for Hurricane Irene.  The one that’s raining down on my house as I type.  Yesterday was hot and sunny, but sensible Baltimorons were battening down hatches, boarding up windows, shoring up doors with sandbags, and fleeing for higher ground.  But we newly minted Baltimorons were instead buying a house and shopping for a ladder.  Our search took us to Home Depot, where it felt odd not to be buying Armageddon supplies like everyone else.

Once we got back home (home!) with our fancy ladder, we had everything we needed to start painting our (our!) living room.

Can I just say right now that painting is a whole lot of work?  We spent the remaining afternoon taping and spreading drop cloths and spackling and sanding.  By the time we had finished the prep work, it was getting late and we were losing sunlight — which is pretty critical in a room with no overhead light.  So we called it a day, washed up, and headed to Life of Reilly for dinner.  (While there, we met Rich, who tipped us off to his new invention:  The Irish Marathon.  You start with a shot of Irish Whiskey, then an Irish Car Bomb, then a Guinness, then a few other things I don’t remember.  When you start seeing Irish Marathons on the menu at your favorite Irish drinking establishment, remember Rich and that you heard about it here first.  In case you are wondering, we did not join Rich on his Irish Marathon.)

We painted all this morning.  The impending weather meant we had very little light with which to work, so I’ll be curious to see what the walls really look like on a sunny day.  We started at around 7:30 and were in the car and heading back to DC by 11:45.  Because, did I mention there was a hurricane coming?




After. Note the nifty new ladder. We still have to paint the trim.

We’re home now, just watching.  Watching the tree branches blow in the wind, watching the latest episodes of Torchwood and Doctor Who, watching The Weather Channel.  Trying not to worry too much about the two-third of our possessions that are in a basement-level storage facility.  Grateful to be together and warm and dry, even if our stuff might be getting soggy and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Excited about our new house.

Stay safe, my peeps!