The other night I made Peppers Stuffed with Summer Vegetables from a recipe I found in the Washington Post.  I took a few pictures as I worked and thought I’d tell you all about it.

The recipe stressed the importance of steaming the peppers before stuffing them.  Problem:  Our steamer is in storage (of course).  So I hacked a steamer by placing small spice bowls upside down in a Dutch oven and filling with not quite enough water to cover them.

Steamer hack

My brilliant steamer hack

My hack worked splendidly.  The upside down bowls created a “platform” for my peppers.

Pretty peppers

Pepper shells awaiting their spa treatment in the steam room

While the peppers steamed, I prepared the filling.  I used hot Italian sausage instead of ground pork, which was fab.  Instead of 2 zucchine and 1 eggplant, I used 3 zucchine.  I was able to take advantage of some leftover brown rice medley from earlier in the week.  I had made it with vegetable broth instead of water, which was perfect for this veggie-heavy recipe.  Onion, garlic, parsley, basil, ground pepper.  Mix it all up and let it cool a bit before mixing in one beaten egg.  If you don’t let it cool, your egg will cook before you get it mixed into the filling, giving you filling with flecks of scrambled egg. Then stuff your peppers, top with grated Parmesan cheese, and pop them in the oven for 30 minutes.

Stuffed peppers before baking

The peppers are stuffed and ready for the oven

As the recipe suggested, I did broil the peppers for a minute or two at the very end of their cooking time, as the cheese hadn’t quite melted.  They came out of the oven with a pleasantly crusty top, protecting a moist and delicious interior.

Baked Stuffed Peppers

Fresh from the oven

This is an excellent recipe for backyard gardeners, their grateful neighbors, or those who avail themselves of summertime farmers markets.  I served the peppers with the remaining Italian sausage and baby carrots.  We found it to be quite tasty and filling.  In fact, we had the leftovers for dinner last night!