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I finally have the time, equipment, and energy to write about our weekend — and about Baltimore’s inaugural Grand Prix.

Baltimore Grand Prix

View of the track

The race was a white-knuckle thrill ride!  We went on Saturday, where we saw the American Le Mans Series Race and the qualifying events for the big Indycar race on Sunday.  Our seats were along Light Street, providing a partial view of Turn 3 and a great view of Turn 4. I only wish we had known a lot more about racing before we went.  Failing that, I wish the Fan Guide had lived up to its name and provided a lot more information for racing beginners.  The Fan Guide is a vehicle for sponsorships, and so it’s no surprise that this one had a ton of ads.  But sponsors will pay more if they’re confident that fans will truly look through the guide and see the ads.  Breaking up the non-stop ads with the occasional informational article would make the Fan Guide more valuable, thus raising its revenue generating potential.  Baltimore Grand Prix people, call me!  I’d love to design a Fan Guide for you that meets the needs of both your sponsors and your fans.

Sandal blowout

I had just mentioned to Bill how much wear I was getting out of my sandals when one came apart

I can’t tell you how many miles we walked on Saturday, but I can tell you this:  After a sandal blowout the evening before, I was left with one pair of ratty dimestore sneakers with a hole in one sole.  When we decided to take a break from racing festivities to walk around the Inner Harbor, I made sure to steer Bill toward a shoe store, where I bought myself a new pair of sneakers.  Or maybe Bill steered me — he did seem pretty appalled by the state of my shoes!  In new shoes, my feet were happier than they’ve been in many weeks, and I was ready to walk several more miles — which we did.


Converse All Stars

Happy Feet!





Our extensive walking started out with a stroll to the waterfront and to the Fells Point Farmers Market.

Pinch me! I can't believe we live here (almost)!

The rest of the weekend was spent painting our new living room.  And we’re still not finished.  First, we had to touch up the wall paint in a lot of places.  We had been so rushed the previous week and had such poor light, that the original color showed through the new color in a lot of places.  Then we focused on the trim.  It became clear that, even after priming, we would need more than one coat of paint to cover the dark original color of the trim.  To be honest, we’re still not thrilled with the coverage provided by the second coat.  But we just plain ran out of time (and steam).

We’re happy with the effect of the red on the back of the built-in book case.  So we’re hoping to throw in more red on those details we still haven’t tackled:  the transom over the door to the dining room, and the windows.

Love the red back to the bookcase. Confused by the fireplace mantel.

I don’t know what we’re going to do with the fireplace mantel.  It’s some sort of metal, but I can’t say what.  Zinc, maybe?

Close up of mantel. Does this look familiar to you?

It’s a style I’ve never seen anywhere, and I have no idea what the “proper” finish for it would be.  We held off on painting it, since we may decide to strip all the paint to achieve a “natural” finish.  If anyone thinks they know what the heck this mantel is made of and what its original state might have been, please let me know.