Notice anything different?  Look up.  That picture you see at the top of the page is the leaves of the Japanese maple outside our second floor deck.  The earlier banner picture was a view of the rooftops and harbor as seen from the third floor deck of the house we failed to buy.

My old banner picture and heading

As you can see, the views are quite different.  Surprisingly, the houses themselves are just a few blocks apart.  But they face different directions, creating entirely different moods.

So we’re here.  The move went smoothly.  The guys from Reputation Movers were as friendly as they were professional.  They were mostly indulgent of our need to apply felt to the feet of all our furniture to protect our newly refinished floors.  They loaded a poop-ton of boxes into the basement and somehow organized them by category.  They worked very hard and did a great job; I recommend them highly.

The floors?  They look nice.  The sub-contractors hired by Floor Finishers are very friendly fellows and obviously know what they’re doing.  But they scuffed my stairway railing.  And they ripped some paint from the wall when they pulled some wires out of their way.  And they dumped stuff in our trash can that may never come out.  And I don’t remember that door being off the hinges during our home inspection. So, in all, they did a fine refinishing job, but I think they took advantage of the fact that no one was here watching them to take a few shortcuts.

Floor after

Floor before

But the floors look great, and I know it was a lot of work to refinish them.  I love the rustic look of the satin finish on the unevenly sized planks. We have spread pads in most rooms to protect the floors from scuffing from our boxes and furniture.  We’ve invested hundreds of dollars in felt.  And still the sawdust!  For every room we furnish, we must first scrub the baseboards, windowsills, doors and moldings.  I’m so glad we weren’t already moved in when they did the work.

The cats are slowly adjusting to their new surroundings.  Timmy has been out and about for a few days now, although he still rarely ventures up to the third floor.


Maggie has taken up residence under the claw foot tub, but has started coming out to socialize in the evenings.


And we have reason to believe he ventures out on other occasions when we’re not looking.

Look closely. Whose footprints are those?

And now it’s the weekend already.  Time to do Baltimorish weekend things.  This morning we will forage for dinner at the Fells Point Farmers Market.  Tomorrow we will enjoy our first street festival in far too long at the Federal Hill Street Beat Festival.  It’s good to be home.