I finally finished the Blesséd Socks, which I started in August.  Non-knitters, take note that it usually does not take four months to knit a pair of socks.  Life just got REAL busy here at Chez Bmore Sara — including the relocation of the chez in question.

But now both socks are finished, and extremely soft and cozy.  And this is the perfect season to wear them.  I also love the combination of colors in the yarn and am seriously thinking of reproducing that very combination in my office/fiber room.

Calling them my “Blesséd Socks” prompts me to count my blessings.  I won’t enumerate them all right now, but here are a few just from today:

  • It was very foggy this morning.  While my window was open, I could hear a fog horn.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard one in real life before.
  • My iPhone 4S arrived today.  Wow.
  • We are making progress in getting our living room painted and decorated.
  • My daily walk inspired me to create a Walkabout Playlist, about which I hope to write more next week.
  • This morning I noticed my dress didn’t seem quite so tight as the last time I wore it.

Of course, there are the ongoing blessings of family, good health, economic viability, freedom, and beer.  None of which I take lightly.  But, when you focus on the big blessings, you risk losing sight of the small ones.  And seriously — I heard a fog horn this morning!  Why would I ever want to overlook that?