Bistro Rx is one of our stand-by restaurants when we can’t get our act together sufficiently to make dinner.  It sits across from the northeast corner of Patterson Park, in a space that once housed a pharmacy (hence the name).

Inside is a spiffy modern interior, with lots of exposed brick and painted shutters serving as wall hangings.  There are about 15 tables and a bar spread over a split level floor plan. In the warm months, there are also tables on the sidewalk overlooking the park.

The staff is friendly and capable.  One time I inadvertently called during a heavy rush in order to make a reservation.  I was on hold for so long, that I finally hung up.  The manager called me back when he was free, and remembered the call a few nights later when we arrived for our reservation.  Rather than feeling badgered, I felt like he was anxious to make up for leaving me on hold for so long.

The menu promises a decent assortment of dishes of varying sizes.  It’s easy to compose a meal with two small plates if you like, but the entrees are also popular.  The salads are large and can easily serve as an entree all by themselves.  Dishes are always well made.  Bill often gets the pork chops, which are moist and thick.  Last week I ordered a spinach salad which boasted large pieces of smoky bacon, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and a raspberry vinaigrette.

The wine list is nicely eclectic (e.g., a South African blend available by the glass).  Likewise, the beer list offers the variety that today’s urban crowd has come to expect.

Bistro Rx is a perfect neighborhood eatery.  A step above a pub, but still a nice place to meet your neighbors.

Bistro Rx
2901 East Baltimore Street (northeast corner of Patterson Park)
Best for:  Patterson Park area, Canton, and Butcher’s Hill residents seeking a nice meal close to home; dinner out with visitors who’ve never ventured beyond the Inner Harbor or Fells Point.