Are you familiar with TED Talks?  It’s a semi-annual event that brings leaders from a wide assortment of fields together to present new and innovative ideas about making the world a better place.  “TED” standards for “Technology, Entertainment, and Design,” and their mission is to spread ideas that change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. The format involves a very strict time limit for each presentation, forcing a presenter to really distill his or her thoughts down to the most essential.  Attending a real TED Talk conference itself is crazy expensive, but videos of the individual TED Talks are available for download here.

In addition the main TED event, there are regional, independent TED events, always denoted as “TEDx.”  Friday I attended the first ever TEDx Baltimore.  It was outstanding!  So many smart people, right here where I live, doing such great things.  Speakers ranged from CEOs to a surgeon, to musicians, to a blacksmith who forges dresses out of metal, to students, and so on.  They youngest speaker was 17 (Keimmie Booth, captain of the RoboDoves); the oldest was 92 (Lois Feinblatt, sex therapist).  So many people committed to making Baltimore a strong and healthy city for all its citizens.

I loved the opportunity to hear more about some of the great work going on around me here in Baltimore.  I loved meeting so many really cool and smart people.  I loved meeting students at Morgan State, which hosted the event. My first TED event was an unambiguous success.  I can’t wait to attend another.