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Hi!  How have you been?  Did you wonder where I disappeared to?

Without going into stupid details, it has been super hard for me to find the time or energy to write lately.  But it rained this morning, and Bill and I cancelled our plan to walk to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market, and so I find myself with a few extra minutes.  Let’s hope a rushed post is better than no post!

We went to two events in the past few weeks that I want to share with you.

The first was a “water ballet” performance of Moby Dick at Patterson Park Pool.  I cannot be more emphatic about my quotation marks on this occasion!  This aquatic interpretation of Moby Dick was performed by Fluid Movement, a Baltimore-based performance art group that apparently translates a classic to pool format once a year.

USA's team competes in the synchronisedYou’re probably finding it difficult to imagine Melville’s epic tale of human madness amidst the 19th century whaling industry portrayed in swimming pool form.  Let me help.  First, picture the synchronized swimming events in the Olympics.  Then remove those eight graceful swimmers from the picture and replace them with 70 goofballs with silly costumes and rudimentary swimming skills.  Now dress the goofballs up as zombies.  (Er, yeah, I don’t remember that part of the novel either.)

The famous "Zombie Scene" from Moby Dick

The famous “Zombie Scene” from Moby Dick

On the whole, it was a very silly event, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

A swimming chorus line of Captain Ahabs?

A swimming chorus line of Captain Ahabs?

Equally fun, but less wet, was the roller derby we went to last night.  Yes, Baltimore has its own roller derby league, known as the Charm City Roller Girls.  Last night we saw a Charm City team, Female Trouble, beat Washington’s National Maulers by about 70 points.

I remember seeing roller derby on tv when I was a kid, but I don’t remember taking much interest in it.  As I recall, it was a sort of staged fight similar to professional wrestling.

vintage roller derbyBut what we saw last night was a real athletic event!  When we first arrived, we had a lot of trouble following the action.  Eventually we figured out the fundamentals, but most of the rules are still somewhat fuzzy to me.  But all these strong young women seemed to be having a terrific time, we had a lot of fun watching them.  (And I wish I had taken a decent photo!)